Monday, May 16, 2016

Benedicto Tiquia "Compairing Two Different Worlds", By Bryan Zaldana

Benedicto Tiquia's Life

Finding a New Home


For my oral history project, I decided to interview Benedicto Tiquia, who is my friend Josh Tiquas dad. Ben, as he likes to be called, Grew up in the Philippines in Pampanga. Where he went to school and got a degree. He enjoyed his child hood as he explained to me in the interview. He described his neighborhood as a strong community where everyone knew everyone.

Work Force:

Ben talks about his experience in working in the Philippines. Explaining his jobs and eventually comparing the workforce in the U.S. and the Philippines. Sharing the differences and the similarities of the two workforce's. 

City Life:

Ben talks about the city life in the Philippines where he grew up and the city life over here in the bay area. Explaining the way the people in the Philippines are very similar to each other and not feeling very different. Also explaining the diversity of the cities in America. 

Reminders of Home:

Ben tells me about the reminders of home he has over here and the connections he has back home with old friends.


The interview in this blog was not the original interview that I had, which sorta ruins the emotion and the stories from the original interview i had with Ben. But even after a second go around he still managed to give me interesting stories of his life back in the Philippines and here in America. From the diversity in the city to the differences in workforce between his two homes. He is a family man before anything else. It's clear to me that he does what he does for his family. Giving me an insight into his life in the Philippines and here was such an insightful experience because I get to see two different lives from one man. I learned a lot form him about the life style he grew up in and was able to make connections to Pinoy Capital. His story is very similar to many of the interviewees in the book; but also very unique at the same time. 

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