Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Better life for her family by the Loving Josie Twyman by Angelika Louisse Ortiz

                                     A Journey to having a better life in America

Introduction of Auntie Josie having a Family Obligation towards her Family In the Philippines  
During this interview, I found a lot of information that I did not know about my family members. I'm found some things that made me realize that if you make a sacrifice you towards your family and just to make their life better but i think you don't have to regret it. because it will help your other relatives even do you'll sacrifice your own family just to help your other siblings to have a better life.  

Table of contents 
1. Family Background 
2. Leaving the Philippines 
3. Settling / Life in the U.S. 
4. Being Filipino in the U.S 
5. Reflections  

~ My Auntie Josie Twyman did some sacrifice to give a better life or future for her siblings in the Philippines even do she sacrifice her own family just to help her siblings.  

Segment One ( Family Back Ground) 


In this video auntie Josie talks about how her life in the Philippines was fun and memorable experience when she was growing up in the Philippines  

Segment Two ( Leaving the Philippines) 

In this video she talks about why she must leave the Philippines so that she can help her siblings to have a better future even do she must leave her own family just to help her siblings. 

Segment Three ( Settling/Life in U.S.) 

 In this video she talks about how she settle her life in the United States with her other siblings even do she not with her own Family in the Philippines because she needs to help her Siblings to have a better life without anyone holding them back " Getting married and afternoon is not the most important thing in my life".  

Segment Four ( Being Filipino In the U.S)


In this video She talk about how she being a Filipino in the United States or U.S because she thinks that she's different from other people or other ethnic groups but she's a friendly and helpful person towards other people or ethnic groups  

Segment Five (Reflection) 

In This video She talks about how she reach her american dreams and goals in life just to help her family in the Philippines and sometimes she visit her other siblings and niece, nephews in the Philippines 

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